Steam-driven model railways,
road vehicles, ships and stationary engines
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Indoor Steam Engine Meeting alternately in Cologne and Friedrichshafen!

When the cog wheels of an elegant highly-polished model steam train interlock perfectly, it is a joy to watch for all those who love such immaculate mechanical rhythm - and lots of fun for spectators of all ages, who are invited to come aboard and take a ride. Steam-powered model railways, road vehicles, ships and stationary steam engines are on show at the world's largest indoor live steam meeting, alternating in Cologne and Friedrichshafen.

In uneven years the Indoor Steam Engine Meeting takes place in Friedrichshafen as part of Faszination Modellbau, Europe's most popular model-making event. In even-numbered years, the meeting re-joins its proven partnership with the IMA, at the longstanding railway modelling location Cologne.

More than twenty years ago the Indoor Steam Engine Meeting was founded by Messe Sinsheim and immediately became the cult event for steam locomotive enthusiasts. The centrepiece, the at that time only 3 kilometre long 5" track layout, along with numerous commercial suppliers of rolling stock, tools and accessories, soon attracted over twenty thousand visitors from near and far.

Messe Sinsheim, Germany's most successful organiser of model engineering exhibitions, continues to run this iconic special event, making use of the existing trade fair logistics and the model engineering network of Friedrichshafen and Cologne.

Now sporting the world's largest indoor 5 inch layout with a total track length of almost 6 km, the iconic get-together for fans of live steam modelling lives on at these two top locations. All those involved in the event are able to profit from this new direction by staying on track and continuing to participate at "Echtdampf-Hallentreffen" with creativity and enjoyment on a long-term basis.

By attaching the Indoor Steam Engine Meeting to the two renowned, major topic-related events with their existing professional media relations and social media, Messe Sinsheim provides excellent networking opportunities for the modelling community. Interest in such mechanical rarities is worldwide and there are unprecedented communication possibilities for specialist hobbies like steam modelling. "No steam, no power" they used to say. Today it is no different: Keep steaming ahead, and new perspectives and horizons will open up.